Steps to export TPT EOS to TPT BSC

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely Sunday morning, the day started somewhat good as a significant increase in the price of bitcoin, eth, and some other altcoins were recorded and this creates a sense of relief that this new week might just be bullish.

From our previous discussion, we spoke about TokenPocket native token TPT being available on Binance smart chain after been deployed to several other chains prior to now but the issue of cross-chain or rather a bridge is yet to be developed and while devs are currently working on this to make the transmission as easy as possible, we just have to make do with what is currently on the ground.

Tokens co-existing on multiple blockchains are not all that new, take a look at Binance based TOKEN BNB, it currently exists on the Ethereum network, bep2 network, bep20, and one of the fastest means of converting or rather exchanging one to another is via Binance, this somewhat applies to TPT and while a direct bridge is yet to be put in place, individuals can already swap across this blockchains via a supported exchange known as HOO.

Hoo is a Chinese-based centralized exchange with several token pairs that include but not limited to BTC, ETH, Paint, and many others. Of recent, TPT became their latest addition.

They currently support all pairs of TPT token and holders of TPT can easily swap across each other

What this means is that if you hold TPT on EOS network and would love to move your asset to Binance smart chain network, HECO, ETH, or any other supported network of your choice, HOO serves as a bridge connecting all together and you just have to move your token to your HOO account and withdraw to the network of your choice at a somewhat fair price.

To create a HOO account simply register an account via the link below

The above is my ref link and I serve to gain certain incentive when you perform a certain task on HOO

Next is to create a HOO trading wallet and maybe link a 2fa to better secure your address, while withdrawal is acceptable without completing kyc2 but verifying your account might also serve more help to you later but this decision is entirely yours to make

Upon successfully creating and verify your account, go to your wallet section, and from the search bar, type in TPT

A result of your search option will be displayed to you within sec depending on your internet connection as seen from the screenshot above

Click on TPT and click deposit to bring up your various address

From the new menu, the option to deposit TPT from various blockchains is readily available, user just need to click the correct blockchain they currently hold their TPT, get the deposit and memo (if available) address and send the required TPT there

Deposit takes few mins to reflect, upon successful deposit, simply locate your TPT on HOO and click on withdrawal, click the corresponding network you want your TPT to be moved into, type in the receivers address, the amount of TPT, and confirm

The option to also trade your TPT to USDT or buy more TPT against other paired coin is also available on HOO

If successful, I say congrats to you and if you have any complaints about the above pls leave a comment behind and I will definitely reply to it ASAP.

Until some other time, stay safe and stay bless.

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