Steps to fund your Crypto Dynasty ETH account via TokenPocket

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Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day in Crypto space, today we will be looking at steps to fund your Crypto Dynasty Ethereum account via TokenPocket wallet the easy way.

Unlike EOS that creates direct transfer between wallet and game, Ethereum is a little bit different as users are required to first deposit ETH in other to perform Crypto related functions.

Functions involve purchasing of characters, in-game items, and other minor activities and I must say the process is quite easy with only 12 confirmations for ETH to reflect Ingame.

The tutorial came up as a result of the ongoing event where users stand a chance to win eth, tkt, and even eos.

Requirements differ but the main aim is referring other users to the game which also creates other forms of incentive when you partake in this.

Incentives like tiger rune for both players and also lifetime percentage of any amount the user referred make in-game, so let’s not waste any time and quickly dive into funding your account.


  • Crypto Dynasty app for ease of use, ensure you download the latest version and this can be downloaded here
  • TokenPocket wallet or any other supported web3 base wallet
  • Internet connection as the game requires online activity
  • A minimum of 0.01 eth and also a little gas fee to make the transaction go through


TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets, it also provides easy access to DApp like Crypto Dynasty and others, TokenPocket is available on IOS, PC, and Android devices and can be downloaded here

  • Install TokenPocket wallet, create an Ethereum wallet account if you don’t have prior to now
  • Fund the account with a min of 0.01 and also ensure you have gas fee to make transactions go through
  • Launch your Crypto Dynasty game
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to link your account or simply watch this video for steps
  • Upon linking your game, allow the page to properly load
  • From game page, click on wallet as shown on the screenshot below
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  • A new page loads up with instructions to deposit and withdraw
  • Click on deposit
  • A min amount of 0.01 ETH can be deposited, anything lower might be lost during the process
  • Fill in the amount and click on deposit
  • A new tab will be open up via TokenPocket like the below showing the transaction page
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  • Click on confirm pay and follow the next pop-up to complete the transaction
  • Transaction requires 12 confirmations for eth to transfer to in-game
  • Give it a while and you can log off or wait
  • If the transaction was successful, the Ethereum will be available just like the screenshot below
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To that I say congrats, you can navigate to game and purchase the other two characters which cost 0.002 and 0.005 respectively

Don’t forget to follow us for steps on how to refer new users and fill in referral code.

Until next time stay safe and mask-on.

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