Steps to import Mnemonic phrase words to TokenPocket Wallet

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Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day in the crypto space, today’s writeup will be focused on importing account to TokenPocket wallet.

This might not be all that new, but also a needed writeup for users not too familiar with Crypto wallets and also steps to take when importing accounts.

TokenPocket supports multiple ways of importing your account but one of the most common is 12 phrase words.

This is given to you when creating an account on TokenPocket especially ETH based account and users are always advised to store and save this in a secure location be it offline or online and these words belong to your view and you alone.

Account restore might come anytime, maybe we forgot our password, probably deleted TokenPocket app or formatted our mobile device, the list goes on and having your 12 phrase word comes really handy when faced with this challenge.

The easiest way we found to easily help users is to uninstall TokenPocket wallet and then restore back but if you understand the process to clear app data then no need to uninstall TokenPocket wallet but if you can’t, then pls uninstall TokenPocket app and reinstall back then follow the next steps.

Next is to launch TokenPocket wallet and it comes up just like you recently downloaded it.

No need to panic, it’s suppose to be this way, next is to click on import wallet from the menu shown to you, import means you already have an account and also a backup be it private key or 12 phrase word

Choose the Ethereum wallet from the list provided to you and select import account just like the screenshot below

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Choose import with mnemonic and a new page opens up to you

Your mnemonic is what we refer to as the 12 phrase word, yes the words you backed up when creating the account

When filling the 12 phrase word, you give a space for each word just like the screenshot below

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Type in your new password, and confirm it
The hint should be left blank or simply fill in any word that will serve as a reminder if for any reason you forgot your password

Tick the accept page and click import

Your account should be up and running and if you faced any error during this process, simply leave a comment below or chat us up on any of our social media

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