Steps to provide liquidity on Organix via TokenPocket

Crypto Madness that’s how many refer to it, the past few weeks have been crowded with pumps followed by dumps, while some project remains safe to invest in, especially those having good fundamentals, others don’t fit into this criteria and thus the reason for always do your own research before investing in any platform, many made several gains only to lose it at the end, probably due to greed of wanting more or maybe their target was yet to be meant, well whatever the case might have been I wish you good luck on your trading adventures.

Today’s writeup will be focused on liquidity provision on Organix platform.

DEX are no longer a new thing when referring to this segment of blockchain DApps, but atlas they still remain intact and very much needed in our everyday transaction and while some have problems here and there with low liquidity, high transaction fee, and several other problems, many have also taken the initiative to create something that provides better and improved usability when compared to previous.

Organix does exactly and also it is built in the EOS blockchain which offers users fast, easy to use, and most especially an almost negligible payable transaction fee.

No one likes paying a huge amount when moving their asset to another platform, be it selling via a P2p system or exchanging for another asset, gas fee always come into play, over the years the Ethereum Blockchain dominated this section but soon later it started having series of issues with gas fee topping the list, we have seen cases were users had to pay 100’s of dollars to complete a single transaction and while the profit most times are worth it, other times there are simply not.

This and many other issues were put into consideration when creating the Organix platform and at the end of it all, the EOS blockchain stood out.

Built on the EOS blockchain, Organix offers a near-zero transaction cost when performing on-chain related activities from minting to liquidity provision and while numerous use case is currently available on the Organix platform, today’s writeup will be focused simply on steps to add liquidity.

Organix is a DApp that runs on the EOS blockchain and thus it requires a web3 supported wallet and an EOS account to gain access to it.

If you don’t have an EOS account prior to now, simply download TokenPocket, follow the onscreen instructions on steps to create one and if you already have an EOS account, just import it to TokenPocket using your private key.

From your EOS asset page, click on discover and a new menu comes up

Scroll down until the option for Organix comes up, simply click on it

Give it a while for the page to properly load depending on your internet speed

Click on LP reward and follow the onscreen instructions to provide liquidity of your choice

Organix will be hosting a Liquidity provider campaign come Feb 4th and prices to be won, read the official post about this here

Until some other stay safe

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