Steps to stake BTT on Dlive via TokenPocket

Hi guys and welcome to another in the crypto space, earlier today TokenPocket made an announcement of allowing Tron based users to stake BTT via the platform, truth be told I have yearned for this feature for quite a while after first seeing the announcement of BTT been stake-able a while back and glad to know TokenPocket gave consideration to this and currently allowing this.

The Lino Staking rewards will be replaced by BTT Staking rewards on DLive on April 23, 2020, at 5:00:00 pm PST. The BTT Staking rewards will be available only on DLive which aims to strengthen the partnership through DLive and BitTorrent. The staking rewards will be increased to 25% from 9.9% that will further encourage and reward those who join DLive. This partnership will make the new ecosystem more sustainable for a longer period and prevent fraud and abuse.

You can read more about the staking announcement here

Some time back Tron started the BTT airdrop which is currently one of the longest airdrop ongoing, every 11th of every month a certain amount of BTT is shared to all accounts holding Tron be it staked or not, the distribution is based on the amount of TRX users have at their possession when the snapshot is taking for that month and what follows next is BTT rain.

Steps to stake BTT via TokenPocket

TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet and also a Dapp browser to Tron based Dapps and other blockchain-based Dapps as well.

  • Download TokenPocket wallet from Playstore or App store depending on your device or you can easily download from TokenPocket homepage here
  • Launch TokenPocket app from your mobile menu and create or import a Tron account
  • You need to have BTT already, you can get BTT by purchasing from Binance or other supported exchange
  • From the asset page, click on Discover
  • On next page click on the search icon and type in BTT STAKE
  • A result just like the below will come up, simply click on it to launch the staking page
  • To get started you will need to create an account on Dlive or simply log in if you already own an account there prior to now, but if not, simply use the different features available there
  • Confirm your account if you are a new user and if not, simply ignore this
  • Scroll down and click on the Stake in option
  • Type in the amount of BTT you like to stake, remember this amount should already be on your Tron based wallet prior to getting to this page
  • Click on Stake in and confirm the next message to complete the transaction
  • Give it few seconds for the transaction to go through, you can also confirm this by clicking on the transaction history which will be shown to you after confirming the stake in.
  • If all was successful, your new staked BTT will be displayed to you

Rewards can be claimed daily

If you follow the instructions from start to finish, you should have no problem, but if you are confused about any option you can always leave a comment behind and I will try to the best of my knowledge to explain better.

Disclaimer-: The above is for educational and educational purposes alone, users are advised to do their own research before investing in any platform be it digital or offline.

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