Steps to Trade usdj on newdex

Cryptocurrency, a decentralized means of paying for goods and services that offer solutions to cheap transaction fees, 24/7 asset transfer, and not controlled by any governmental organization is gradually creating paths many call the new era, that said, due to its market volatility, many are still scared to option in, but as each day passes solutions are been provided to this and one of such solution is the introduction of stable coins which goes against market volatility as they are paired to stable currencies such as USD.

Over the years, different types of Blockchain have created their own stable coins, some paired with USD and others paired with their own native cryptocurrency an example of such is WETH, a stable coin paired with Ethereum in a ratio of 1:1, these and many others can be identified.

From Ethereum to EOS and now Tron is joining the train as they unveil USDJ a Tron based stable coin that is paired to USD in a ratio of 1:1, the news of this development was made available by the founder of the Tron network Justin Sun on a tweet post

TRON community will launch a new decentralized stablecoin backed by $TRX & $BTT. What’s the best name for this stablecoin?

After its announcement, different exchanges soon listed USDJ on their platform and one of such exchange is Newdex, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

To access Newdex, one needs to have a Tron based account and a supported web3 wallet.

Steps to Trade USDJ on Newdex via TokenPocket

TokenPocket is a noncustodial wallet and also a Dapp browser to Tron based Dapps and many others.

  • Download TokenPocket if you are yet to and yes it supports both IOS and Android devices respectively
  • Launch TokenPocket app and create a Tron based account or import one if you had prior to now
  • From asset page, click on Discover
  • The discover page offers varieties of different Dapps, both on the Tron blockchain and others as well
  • Navigate to Tron section, scroll down and click on more
  • Locate Newdex Dapp
  • Click on it and allow the page to fully load
  • Your Tron account will automatically be logged in and your balance is shown respectively

Newdex offers different pairs and not limited to just USDJ trading, you can trade other types of Tron based tokens as well

  • Click on Market
  • From top left menu, click on the search icon
  • Search on USDJ and its paired coin will be displayed to you
  • On next page, you can easily create a buy and sell order

To that, I say congrats good luck and stay safe.

Disclaimer: The above article is for educational and entertainment purposes only, users are always advised to do their own research before investing in any digital or offline platform

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