Time to DApps

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely weekend, it’s another Friday and crypto is not dead but rather creating more awareness as each day passes.

Time to DApps is a weekly writeup that talks about trending DApps and also steps to access them via TokenPocket.

Of recent Defi has become one of the most talked platforms from yield farming to providing liquidity and it seems more blockchain is currently going into this.

A few weeks back TokenPocket announced and added Binance smart chain to the list of their supported wallet and also provided easy access to DApps built on this blockchain via the discover menu.

Today’s writeup will be focused on a particular DApp which currently uses the Binance smart chain to execute its features and its non-other than Pancake Swap

Pancake Swap

From ethereum blockchain we have Uniswap, Tron blockchain we have Justswap, pancake swap is similar to the mentioned above but instead, it was built on the binance smart chain which allows users to easily provide liquidity, swap tokens, and more.

The concept is similar to other Dex as it allows users to easily trade BSC tokens against BNB provided liquidity is available.

Unlike CEX, the pancake swap does not require users providing KYC or creating of account to access its page as it only requires a web3 wallet that houses a BSC address.

The concept of account creation, KYC filling or private key continuous export is coming to an end with the recent DApps development.

Users are now able to access multiple DApps via a single account with the help of web3 based wallets like TokenPocket.

Steps to access Pancake Swap via TokenPocket

  • Download the latest version of TokenPocket wallet from playstore or appstore.
  • Launch the wallet and create a BSC address or import depending on your preferred option.
  • From the asset page, click on discover and a menu comes up
  • Locate the binance DApp page by navigating down
  • launch pancake swap or search for the name via the search icon.
  • Your wallet address automatically log in and if it doesn’t, simply click on the connect icon and wait a few second depending on your internet connectivity.

That is all for this week, catch you guys some other time and stay safe.




I blog on hive and my account https://steemit.com/@otemzi

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Oteme Eghele

Oteme Eghele

I blog on hive and my account https://steemit.com/@otemzi

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