Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful Monday morning, the weather is looking great and it’s that time once again to share some of the trending DApps surrounding the crypto space.

Time to DApps is a weekly writeup that centers on showcasing the latest and trending DApps and steps on how users can get into them.

In today’s writeup, we are going to look into VeryNifty, not your regular NFT.

Very Nifty

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Very Nifty provides a concept that is totally different from any pre-existing NFT projects by giving control back to its users/holders.

If you are familiar with NFT or probably followed several NFT projects prior to date then you probably understand most of them to share similar traits which are to trend for a period of time and then price dump leading to such NFT worth close to zero probably due to the introduction of newer or latest ones.

Very Nifty put this into consideration and their end goal was to create a project or rather an NFT that would maintain its value for as long as possible and by doing this, a restriction was set in place making the NFT killable.

These NFTs are like pets that require attention and proper care for and without this, they are likely to run away or probably abducted by others.

On Very Nifty, pets own are not fully yours for all eternity, what I mean by this is there is a smart contract in play which shows an estimated time an NFT is likely to die or rather reverse to its original level, and doing so makes it attack-able by other players until the user decides to revive them if the time lapse was still available.

The project was created as a test trial and the majority of NFTs were airdropped to a selected few who participated, others bought theirs from market places like opensea.io and others.

The concept is simply remarkable with a dead time and also claimable time to pick or claim its native based token called Muse.

Muse is used to purchasing gems that are in-turn fed to the NFT to keep them alive, this in turn creates a supply and demand chain for the token Muse.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Very Nifty requires a web3 supported wallet to fully explore its feature and anything less will not be able to access its features and others.

Steps to access Very Nifty

Download TokenPocket wallet from Google play store or Appstore depending on your mobile device type.

Launch the TokenPocket wallet from your phone menu and create or import an Ethereum based account.

Go to discover menu and type or paste this address https://gallery.verynifty.io/

A menu comes up to you

If you had a VNFT before now, you can easily access your NFT and if you had none, then you can buy from opensea and other crypto collectibles market.

This is all for this week and until some other time stay safe.

I blog on hive and my account https://steemit.com/@otemzi

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