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Hi guys and welcome to another lovely week, we are still in November and it seems the Era of EOS bullish movement has finally arrived.

Time to DApps is a weekly writeup that focuses on new and trending DApps and also steps users can easily get started with them.

For those not familiar with what DApps are, these are decentralized applications built using blockchain technology usually to replace a pre-existing centralized application or to improve on it and the majority of them do come with incentives that keep users coming back every now and then.

In today’s writeup, we shall focus on a DApp currently available on the EOS blockchain with the sole aim of creating a more advance or rather bringing a new and better concept of NFT to the EOS blockchain.

NFT’s are not new and the majority of users who are crypto inclined probably own or once own an NFT maybe on Ethereum Blockchain, IOST, and others.


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Built on EOSIO, AtomicHub is an NFT creation and market place DApp that allows users to easily create, sell, and share NFT’s created via EOS and Wax, it supports multiple logins and thus both account can be logged in simultaneously.

Atomic Assets is a standard for Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the eosio blockchain technology.

Just as we mentioned above, NFT is gradually becoming a norm in our modern-day blockchain and cryptocurrency world as individuals and developers can easily mint this token giving it some sort of value based on no two existing NFT’s can ever be the same.

There is never no two identical NFT’s even though they were created for the same platform, a differentiation is usually put in place.

NFT’s are currently used on gaming platform which creates a tradeable market system and also used by artists to import their work into the digital space and maybe market it or gift it whichever way they see fit.

AtomicHub likes many other platforms that offer such services now allows EOS account holder to easily create their very own NFT with the only requirement of them paying the required fees as you would when creating an EOS-based account.

Users can in turn make these NFT’s to be burnable, tradeable, or just personal holdings but then it wouldn’t be that much fun xD.

AtomicHub is easy to use and individuals don’t need a top-notch PC to get started with their creation, this can all be achieved via their mobile device from any location of their choosing with the only requirement of such a user having a Wax or EOS based account.

To get started,

  • You need any of the above-mentioned accounts and a web3 supported wallet which TokenPocket provides all.
  • Download TokenPocket from PlayStore or AppStore depending on your mobile preference.
  • Install and launch from your mobile menu
  • If you already have an EOS account prior to now, the option to import such an account is readily available and if you don’t have one, you can easily create one via the different account creation method available.
  • On your asset page, click on the Discover menu to bring up the DApp section
  • Search on AtomicHub via the search icon or scroll via the new section
  • Launch the DApp and click on connect if you are not automatically logged in.

The menu is self-explanatory, simply follow the prompt-up menu to get started.

That is all for this week and until some other time, stay safe and have fun.

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