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Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day in the crypto space, it's the weekend once again and let's take a look at some of the trending DApps I found interesting and also with good usecase.

Our opinions might differ and as usual this platform is meant to enlighten all users about ongoing, developing, and launched DApps around the crypto space.

Time to DApps is hosted by TokenPocket, a multi-chain noncustodial wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets from home, on the move, and it also provides easy access to DApps.

TokenPocket is available on IOS, PC, and Android devices respectively, you can easily search for TokenPocket via their supported market or go to and select your preference.

Bulk Sender

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If you are familiar with mobile devices or rather short SMS then you probably familiar with bulk SMS services, back then you could send the same message content to a wide numbers of users by simply pasting the contact phone numbers and inserting your message content, it saved the stress of sending messages individually and also reduced the cost as well.

One can summarize Bulk Sender to this in a way but instead of sending SMS messages, you send ETH based tokens to the desired amount of address needed.

Ethereum at the moment is currently facing somewhat of a high transaction fee and for an upcoming project this might lead to some form of difficulty if the project decides to launch and for projects who probably wants to distribute some form of airdrop this might create limitations

Bulk Sender solves this issue by creating a platform that allows users to send a token to multiple addresses on a go with a define command mostly a specific number of a token and with a maximum amount to 18 decimals allowing even the lowest denominators of a token to be sent.

This becomes really helpful when an upcoming projects decides to create some form of airdrop and distribute to all supporters or general public.

This is all done automatically and the user just have to fill in the necessary informations.

Steps to use Bulk Sender

Bulk Sender is built on the Ethereum Blockchain and thus requires a web3 supported wallet and this is where TokenPocket comes into play.

Download TokenPocket wallet if you don't have it prior to now

Create or import an Ethereum wallet depending on your preference

Click on discover menu and launch Bulk Sender from the list of supported DApps

Your Ethereum account is automatically logged in, tokens currently available on that address becomes available from the drop-down menu

Follow the prompt message to get started.

Don't forget to leave a comment behind if you have any issues or challenges along the way, follow TokenPocket on Twitter and join our Telegram channel to stay up-to-date.

Bulk Sender Tutorial -----

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