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Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful week, the keyword still buzzing is none other than Defi and it seems the entire blockchain want a part of it, but that said projects are starting to look far and wide to create a platform that far exceeds what is currently around and that’s what will be discussed today.

Time to DApps brings you the latest and trending DApps currently in development or already launched that creates an avenue for users to earn or gain some other form of incentives, Time to DApps is brought to you by TokenPocket, a noncustodial multi-chain wallet, and a DApp browser.

On today’s writeup, we will be discussing, a platform that took the crypto space by surprise bringing technology to reality that creates a better and more profitable environment to the Defi community or rather to those who dare to join this community.


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From Uniswap to Compound and many other Defi, the usual goal is creating a platform where earning is usually distributed based on how much the LP provides and generally leaving the little fish behind, by little fish I am referring to users who provided little to no amount of liquidity, there is usually no incentive for such users, rather impermanent loss kicks in. is creating a platform where even these sets of LP can make something at the end of the day and reward is not totally based on liquidity mining. will also introduce a system where governorship of the platform is based on the community and by the community, I am referring to the token holders, the token, in this case, is called DEGO and a total supply of only 21million DEGO will ever be minted creating a limited supply.

Unlike fiat currency, this is probably one of the most significant aspects of cryptocurrency that actually gives it the value, a scarce commodity that has a limited total supply and not governed by a body that has the power to mint and produce as much currency as they see fit.

Bitcoin like many other cryptocurrencies comes with pin total supply that no user can decide to increase and adopted this technology.

To spark up more use cases and differences between and other types of Defi, they created something new called Gamefi.

Who doesn’t like gaming?

If you have been in the crypto space for a while, there is a new trend or rather a new platform called NFT short for non-fungible token, built as a form of gaming it has overtime adopted more use case as projects no longer use it for simply gaming anymore, artist and other genres now make use of NFT to create digital arts which are made in limited supply using this NFT. comes with 6 different types of NFT each rarer than the previous and also packs different use cases on the Dego platform and like other NFTs, these also can be traded with other users on platforms like Opensea and others which support NFT market.

To access you will need a web3 based wallet and this is where TokenPocket comes into play.

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Image for post requires an Ethereum wallet to get started with and users need to create one or import if they had any before now.

From your asset page,

Click on Discover and a new menu comes up can be easily located on the new page, but for future reference, click on the search option and type in dego

A new result comes up, click on it to access the wonderful world of

This is all for today, stay safe and until some other time.

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