Time to Dapps|ChainZ Arena & Creepts

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day with Time to Dapps, as usual, we look for trending DApps that surfaced the crypto world this week and also steps to get started with them.

For those just joining us, Time to DApps is a weekly writeup center on keeping our readers in line with the ongoing different types of information surrounding the crypto space, and to that, I say welcome once again to this week’s edition.

This week will be centered on two top games and also about their ongoing events with huge prizes to be won.

Starting today’s writeup is ChainZ Arena

ChainZ Arena

ChainZ Arena is a multi-chain blockchain-based game that uses the ETH, EOS, and Tron network to perform in-game purchases with the incentive of creating a play to earn gaming environment.

While it focuses on a play to earn system, devs also ensured a lot of time was put into the gameplay creating a diverse, wide, and unique game style something different from the blockchain-based games we have been used to.

Players are able to unlock characters of different class or play in a diversified way, each character comes with its own unique game style and when all characters of the same class are played together, an hidden or not so hidden buff is added given the player edge against an opposite team with probably the same powerpoint.

The game itself is fun to play and always creating ways to keep their users in line as they create more opportunities to reward back the community.

One way of creating social media engagement and also in-game challenges just like the most recent challenges with features to instantly grant players wishes to own Tesla.

You can read all about the event from their official tweet here and take part when you log into the game today.

Official Tweet - https://twitter.com/ChainZ_Arena/status/1295998135060193281

Next on the list is somewhat of a mental challenge game which always keeps players on their feet while they try to beat other users score


Creepts is a towel defense game built by the devs of Cartesi and from multiple gameplay, I have engaged in, I can truly say it’s definitely worth every second if you do decide to try it today.

Like most tower-based game, players are made to defend their base against waves of enemies and the goal is usually to be the last one alive or get the highest score as you dominate the winning board

Creept is more of strategy base as you consume credit to build and defend your home base, weapons use range from turrets to lasers and more as you tackle different waves of enemies

Do you have all it takes to dominate the winner board or probably going to get defeated after your first minute playing the game?

Well you can find out on the game Creept

Until some other time

Time to Dapps is brought to you by TokenPocket a multi-chain wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets on the go while also giving direct access to blockchain and DApps

You can easily download TokenPocket from the below link https://www.tokenpocket.pro/




I blog on hive and my account https://steemit.com/@otemzi

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Oteme Eghele

Oteme Eghele

I blog on hive and my account https://steemit.com/@otemzi

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