Time to DApps | Crypto Dynasty and League of Kingdoms

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely weekend, it’s that time of the week again where we get to relax, take a walk, or just keep updated with the latest and trending DApp world, and what better way to become familiar than with Time to DApps.

Time to DApps is hosted by TokenPocket, a multi-chain wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets directly from their mobile or PC device with a click of a button.

This week will be focused on gaming DApp and while the mentioned games are not new within the crypto space, we are going to look at some of the recent announcements and updates they made.

Starting first is Crypto Dynasty

Crypto Dynasty

Built on the Ethereum and EOS blockchain, Crypto Dynasty has over time expanded to a worldwide setting that allows any user to easily pick their mobile device and dive into this mind-blowing RPG/PVP based game.

With various types of incentives to keep players coming back for more, the game has given back tons of ETH and EOS to these two factions with the help of different types of events, equipment crafting challenge, boss fighting, and amongst many others.

The incentives are made to give investors and newbies opportunities to earn which is totally different from the basic form of earning some other types of gaming DApps have adapted (equipment trading).

After conquering this aspect of the game, Crypto Dynasty made an announcement a few days back revealing that it will be diving into the Defi sector, if you are familiar with the ongoings around the blockchain space then you are not new to word Defi.

Defi is currently one of the most talked projects around the blockchain with each platform wanting to get a slice of it. It is most times related to lending and financial DApps and not pronounced when it comes to gaming DApps until now.

Crypto Dynasty will be going into a market that its peers are yet to dive in, what awaits is unknown and definitely something to look out for.

Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter to keep up with this news as the day goes by.

League of Kingdoms

This is actually one of those games that do not get the recognition it truly deserves.

Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, league of kingdoms is a castle siege game where players build their castle from the base level (1), increase their castle power and train different types of troops to either defend, siege other castles, or just farm for resources.

If you are a fan of castle based games like Clash of clans and others, then you are going to love the game settings.

League of Kingdoms is available on to play on the web and it also supports a mobile app, the fun doesn’t stop when you leave your home.

While it is built on Ethereum Blockchain, this means players have ownership of assets like land, resources, and the newest addition, skin.

Players are able to mint this asset to the blockchain which is the transferable and tradeable with other users/gamers alike, over the months of its release, the game has observed series of sales with players selling their land at a good enough price far from its presales and while the game is still very much new, I believe there is still so much more to expect as the day goes by.

League of kingdoms can be downloaded from PlayStore or you can simply follow their Twitter handle to keep up with the team development.

This is all for today, until some other time, stay safe.




I blog on hive and my account https://steemit.com/@otemzi

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Oteme Eghele

Oteme Eghele

I blog on hive and my account https://steemit.com/@otemzi

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