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Hi guys and welcome to another section with Time to Dapps, a weekly writeup that talks about new and trending DApps around the crypto space and also ways users can get started with them. If you are just joining us, I say a big welcome to you and I do hope you enjoy this article.

On today’s writeup, we are going to focus on a DApp currently taking the Tron Blockchain by storm and probably the light bringer that we have all been waiting for to TRX and its none other than JUST SWAP


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Over the past couple of weeks we have seen the Tron Blockchain become more popular as each day passes as it battles to climb its current price of $0.02+ with this new addition this might just be the breakthrough we have all been waiting for.

JustSwap, just like Uniswap is for the Ethereum Blockchain, JustSwap performs the same function on the Tron Blockchain.

Built on the Tron Blockchain, users are able to swap Tron based token for TRX and others in a one-click process, this works similar as Uniswap and other DEX’s, it uses liquidity already provided to the market to make swaps within tokens/coins but the major difference is fees.

Now if you are familiar with the Ethereum Blockchain, the single factor that many considers a huge cap is the high fees paid when performing on-chain transactions, from minting of NFT’s to transfer of tokens and even using of DEX’s fees are incurred in all places and you end up finding yourself paying more than the actual package itself and already at the loosing end.

JustSwap been built on the Tron Blockchain ignores all this due to it near-zero transaction fee when performing an on-chain transaction on the Tron network and this makes JustSwap somewhat of the ideal instant swap platform currently available.

Tokens currently available ranges from old to recently developed and users can easily swap for TRX in a one-click manner.

Getting Started

  • Download TokenPocket wallet here if you are yet to https://www.tokenpocket.pro/
  • Import your Tron wallet or create one
  • Don’t forget to backup your private key as we have seen cases of this of recent with many users complaining of misplacing their password and no means to restore since they never backed up their private key.

From your Tron wallet asset page, click on discover menu as shown in the screenshot below

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Locate the search bar depending on the device you are using as TokenPocket is available on both IOS and Android devices

Search on JustSwap and a result comes up

From the new page, locate the token you want to swap and the received coin should be TRX.

Ensure there is liquidity in place already and confirm the coin outcome you will get from swapping.

If all is right, click on approve, it takes seconds for the transaction to go through and then confirm the swap

If all was done right, it takes another second for the transaction to complete and the corresponding amount of TRX distributed to your account.

If you have any questions while swapping, pls leave a comment behind and I will reply ASAP.

Time to DApps is sponsored by TokenPocket, a multi-chain wallet that allows users to manage their crypto assets the easy way.

Until some other time, do stay safe out there.

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