Time to support your favorite ChainZ Arena clan

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ChainZ Arena launched a few days back and so far, the experience has been mind blowing, from summoning of different types of heroes to forging of items to buff up your character stats, it has been a fun filled adventure rediscovering my previous strategy.

While ChainZ Arena launched with their own events summing up to a prize pool of $50k 😎 it seems other partners are joining this with their own little event to make the game fun and interesting to play.

ChainZ Arena operates on multiple blockchain ETH, TRX, and EOS which requires a web3 wallet to operate on and that’s where TokenPocket comes in.

TokenPocket is a multi-chain noncustodial wallet that allows users to store and access various types of Dapps currently operating on the supported chains.

That said, for a new user into the world of Chainz Arena, TokenPocket is a good wallet to start with, not just the fact you can play the game on it but also as a means to perform ingame transactions like purchasing of hero’s or summoning one.

You can watch steps on how to get this done via this YouTube tutorial video.

Let’s get back to the purpose of this write-up which is steps to apply for the TokenPocket 10usd giveaway where 10 users will be randomly selected.

Earlier today, TokenPocket made a tweet with a prize tag of 100usd to be shared among 10 users and the only requirement is follow and tag some friends while voting for your favorite blockchain.

ChainZ Arena is the first mining RPG game on #TRON, #EOS, and #ETH. Vote for your chain league, $10 #USDT*10 lucky users on April 29th.

Read about the event here

To that, I wish you success and also stay safe out there.

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