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Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day in the crypto space, due to recent confusion and misunderstanding, today’s writeup will be focused on a particular feature available on TokenPocket and it’s use-case.

For those not familiar with TokenPocket, it is a Crypto wallet that allows users to easily manage their Crypto assets on the go, comfort of your home and literally anywhere be it on mobile or PC.

Download TokenPocket wallet here

While Crypto wallets differs, TokenPocket is a noncustodial wallet that supports multiple Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, EOS, TRX, IOST, and many others).

By noncustodial it means your keys belong to you and you alone, TokenPocket does not have access to it and for this reason users are always advice to keep their keys properly during account creation or importing.

If for any reason you failed to backup or misplaced the keys, users can always export them

  • From asset page click on Details
  • Click on export private key
  • Type in the password you created the account with
  • Copy the private key to a properly saved file, offline or online and remember no user will ever need your private key to check on your account if asked by any then 100% it is a scam.

Watch Mode

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When creating/importing account to TokenPocket, different methods are available to this but each comes with its own unique use case and one of such is the watch mode.

Just like we have blockchain explorers to track transactions by using address, hash ID or what have you, the Watch mode simply acts as a blockchain explorer but this case you don’t need to type in your address every now and then.

You simply paste the wallet address via the Watch mode and with this, it allows you to keep track of transactions that goes in and out but this mode does not allow you to edit or perform any transaction with that account.

Recently users started importing account via watch mode only to come back with questions of not been able to perform any transaction, just like I said above, the watch mode simply allows you to keep track of an account and it functions like a blockchain explorer and nothing more.

In other to make transactions via an account, you simply import such account with their private key or mnemonic 12 phrase word whichever is available to you.

With that, I believe this is a little bit clear and answers most questions, if for any reason you have further question to this, pls leave a comment below and I will get to you ASAP

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