TokenPocket v0.9.8 is live, share your fav Dapps with friends/families

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Hi guys and welcome to another week on Dapps, while the world still stands a little stagnant, let’s take a little time out and deviate from it all to look into some of the latest features now available on TokenPocket wallet.

TokenPocket is a multi-chain noncustodial wallet that allows users to easily store different types of cryptocurrencies and also a Dapp browser to its supported chains.

Few weeks back they made an announcement about the current development that was going on in the wallet and how users will be able to share Dapps with friends and family via whatsapp, Instagram, and other social medias.

What’s NEW in TokenPocket, which will be updated on🍎&🤖soon!

That wasn’t enough, they further announced that Tron users will be able to whitelist Dapps usage.

I am glad to tell you that v0.9.8 is live and these features are already in play.

Direct link to share Dapps across social media’s

Dapps are short for decentralized applications which has overtime provided different forms of incentives be it money wise or entertainment purposes, the list keeps growing.

TokenPocket share function saves you time in locating certain Dapps and also saves you time explaining to friends and families on where to locate them.

Steps to share Direct link to Dapps on TokenPocket

  • Navigate to the Dapp of your choice on discover mode
  • Let’s use ChainZ Arena
  • Launch ChainZ Arena from Discover menu
  • Click on the menu icon on top right
  • A new menu comes up
  • Click on the share
  • The option to easily share across different types of social media is instantly displayed to you
  • The receiver needs to download TokenPocket wallet if they don’t have it already
  • Click on the link sent and it instantly takes them to the mentioned Dapp

Whitelist Tron based Dapp

The new update came with another feature that allows TokenPocket users to Whitelist Tron based Dapps.

While the number of Dapps on the Tron network increases geometrically, the need to easily access your favorite Dapps becomes necessary.

Whitelist option allows individuals to bypass the login requirement for the selected Dapp thus saving them time.

Well, this is all for today, till some other time stay safe and practice the medical precautions put in place.

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