TokenPocket v0.9.9 is live, introducing Cloud wallet

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day in the crypto space, some few weeks back we looked into the latest update from TokenPocket which created means for users to optimize gas fees and other added features like Dapp sharing with friends and family.

The last update really came helpful, I no longer need screenshots when explaining the section to locate a Dapp on TokenPocket, with the share with friends feature, I simply send the link, and with a single click, users can easily locate the Dapp.

While the update rolled in and created more use cases for TokenPocket, another feature was removed and replaced with something better.

For those familiar with TPexchange which offered various trading tools and also cheap trading fees, sad to tell you TokenPocket halted that service and replaced it with a cloud wallet.

TokenPocket is a multi-chain noncustodial wallet that allows users to store different types of cryptocurrencies which include but not limited to ETH, BTC, IOST, EOS, TRX, and many others. Over the years, it has provided a secured means for users to hold their coin by offering private keys to them which can be easily restored or exported.

Cloud wallet is a new addition that allows users to store their cryptocurrency in a centralized means by creating an account with an email address or phone number, this does not in any form affect the services been rendered by TokenPocket but simply another addition.

Regards to TPexchange closure, users who had funds there can easily log into the cloud wallet using the same credentials they once used on TPexchange.

TokenPocket v0.9.9 is live and users can easily update their app via Google PlayStore, Appstore or simply download from

Till some other time, stay safe

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