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Hi guys and welcome to another day in Crypto space, while the market continues to beat all odds as it continues to soar up, let’s quickly take a look at some of the updates that came with TokenPocket v1.0.1

Yea v1.0.1 is finally here after years of 0. and I must say, the changes so far have been simply remarkable.

From a noncustodial wallet to the addition of a cloud wallet and other features making crypto easy and fun to store.

TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet that allows users to store crypto assets and also a DApp browser to the different supported Blockchains.

Over the years, it has undergone several updates, removal of some features, and also the addition of new features with the hope of making individuals time online easy.

v1.0.1 brought about two new updates regards to the Bitcoin section of TP.

  • BTC watch and cold wallet
  • BTC USDT transfer

BTC watch and cold wallet

Ever found yourself in a situation where you had to keep up with a certain account, monitor the amount that goes in, and also goes out?

That’s what this new update offers, with the Blockchain open to the public, individuals can anytime go through the record of an account, TokenPocket took this into consideration and simply created a watch feature that allows users to instantly keep track of any Bitcoin address.

BTC USDT transfer

Bitcoin and altcoin are known to be highly volatile when it comes to price, for a business that intends to have a pegged price for a particular product BTC is not the ideal crypto to use and that’s where USDT come into play.

Pegged with a ratio of 1:1 with the USD currency, USDT is the crypto-based.

TokenPocket latest update created addition as the bitcoin wallet now supports USDT omni which is the USDT version for bitcoin.

While we had ETH and TRX before now, this is the latest version and definitely a needed change.

That said, you can easily update your TokenPocket to the latest version via PlayStore or Appstore depending on the mobile OS your phone is operating on.

Until some other time, stay safe

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