TokenPocket will support Oikos (OKS) Airdrop

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Oikos to airdrop 1milion of its token to all valid sign up between May 11–18 (00:00 EST).

Oikos is a Tron port of Synthetix: a synthetic asset platform that provides on-chain exposure to fiat currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices Oikos

Airdrops are free token given out by platforms usually to create awareness of a particular product, over the years different cryptocurrencies have created this engaging activity to increase their audience before launch and one of such is Just which was announced by Justin Sun a few weeks back.

Oikos will be performing something similar but instead of holding a minimum of 100trx, their approach is a little different as it requires users to hold a Tron based account, twitter/telegram, and also a valid email address.

With the above, users will be able to partake in this airdrop which will be distributed week upon completion. Allocation will be dependent on the total amount of users who partake in this event.

With the number of Tron based wallets increasing daily, the need to have one which supports not just Tron (TRX) but also its based token is needed and that’s where TokenPocket wallet comes in.

TokenPocket is a multi-chain noncustodial wallet that allows Tron based users to store TRX and its supported token and also a Dapp browser to Tron based Dapps such as Wink, Just, and many others.

To download TokenPocket visit Playstore or App store depending on your device or you can easily download it here

Steps to create a Tron account on TokenPocket

  • After downloading TokenPocket wallet, launch the app on your device
  • Click on create a wallet and choose Tron blockchain
  • Follow the steps shown to you by inputting a password which is required when a transaction is initiated
  • Backup your keys to a safe place as this is needed if for any reason you want to restore your wallet probably due to a formatted device, misplaced password or generally changing your device. You can also export your wallet to another Tron based account using your backup keys.
  • After successfully creating the account, from the asset page, click on receive and copy your Tron based address.

Steps to apply for Oikos (OKS) airdrop

After completing the above, goto

Disclaimer-: The above is my referral URL and I stand to get more reward when you signup via my link

  • From the new page, fill in the required information correctly

Good luck and congrats

Airdrop will be distributed a week upon completion of signup and with a total allocation of 1milion OKS, there is no limit to the number of users that can participate.

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