Tweebaa does it again – DeFinitely the one to watch!

Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful Thursday morning, the weather is looking just right, and the crypto market is gradually reversing to its previous state, aka a bullrun.

A few weeks back we saw a complete downtrend in the price of crypto and none were spared. Some were able to ride the slight wave up due to ongoing news, but sooner or later the FOMO ended.

TWEE and many other altcoins faced this challenge of bitcoin dump. The market generally is led by BTC and when it starts dumping, altcoins follow suite. However, not all altcoin follow this flow. A coin with good tokenomics and good team backing is likely to be stronger moving forward.

TWEE-- the Phoenix of our time.

In September we saw TWEE hits its all time low after rapidly dropping from an all-time high. This was mainly caused by an uncontrolled factor. To mitigate the damages, the team worked tirelessly day and night to ensure investors were kept updated and knew first-hand what was going on. The efforts of the team to overcome this occurrence were successful, and the TWEE is once again heading in the right direction, with a current and attractive market price of $16. It is a good time to buy.

Within the ever-changing world of crypto, Tweebaa strive to stay on top, dedicated to providing their users with the best services available. The Tweebaa team remains accessible, ensuring easy contact with devopers, communicating with, and listening to their community through their telegram channel which is open to all.

Keeping up with latest and trending news has led to a series of new developments on the Tweebaa network that were recently announced.

Tweebaa going DeFi

Several articles have been published to showcase the features TweeBuck (Tweebaa DeFi) houses and also its native token called TweeB.

Towards the end of October, an official announcement was made regarding both TWEE and TweeBuck being listed on VirgoX.

Many may wonder why the team did not choose to list on a bigger or more popular exchange, especially considering what occurred in September. The reason is that Tweebaa are creating a system where protecting user investment is their top priority, and this is exactly what VirgoX provides.

VirgoX houses insurances to ensure that occurrences, such as we experienced in September, are prevented and that funds are always SAFU

The announcement regarding the listing can be found here.

Tweebaa is pleased to announce that $TweeB and $TWEE will be listed on VirgoX and open trading for TweeB/USDT and TWEE/USDT at 2020/10/27, 21:00(GMT+8).

More Details...

If you are familiar with how exchange services work, then you are probably aware of gifts or incentives that can be offered to encourage trading, and also give back to the community. To foster trading, VirgoX created a reward campaign which attracted thousands of users to trade and become familiar with TweeBuck.

It was thrilled to launch #TweeBuck ($TweeB) on #VirgoX and to appreciate #TweeBuck users’ support and trust since signing up for #VirgoX, VirgoX specially launched the "TweeBuck Reward Campaigns” to reward users.

Because of the rapidly growing Tweebaa community, TweeBuck is gaining mass adoption, with an uptake that no DeFi based project has achieved before now. This gives TweeBuck a real advantage and is only one of the factors that will ensure its success.

The goal was achieved, and high trading volume was recorded within hours after TWEE and TweeB was listed on VirgoX creating a new high of $17 and $180 respectively.


TWEE from a low of $5 was seen to achieve an uptrend movement climbing to price above $15 and beyond.

For those not familiar with TWEE, it is the native token of Tweebaa, a commerce and social media platform which creates opportunity for anyone to become self-sustainable without having to invest large amounts of startup capital.

With support from top business and finance individuals, including the esteemed Steven C. Rockefeller Jr., Tweebaa is led by renowned CEO Margaret Wang, an experienced and well respected businesswoman who has successfully taken Tweebaa from an initial concept to the exciting, disruptive and trailblazing entity it has become. The Tweebaa APP now has thousands of daily users and is constantly developing and updating, utilizing the latest technologies, to ensure the APP remains user friendly and an attractive investment.


TweeB is a decentralized finance-based project emanating from Tweebaa which allows users to easily lend and borrow, providing liquidity.

Unlike DeFi based projects whose goals are mainly to achieve the best price available, TweeB is planning longevity, with the goal of creating a self-sustainable market which is not governed by anyone, and is independent of the banking system.

One of the tokenomics available on TweeB is the governing feature which allows holders of TweeB to govern or cast vote when important updates are made on the Tweebaa platform. Holders of TweeB are considered an important and valued part of the process.

With the steady movement of price and different claims of this being a bull market, I doubt the best price of TWEE and TweeB has been achieved and definitely expect more green lines ahead.

Disclaimer: The above is for entertainment and educational purposes, individuals are advised to do their own research before investing in any digital or offline platform.