Tweebaa launch DeFi coin TweeBuck as part of their inspiring Earning Ecosystem

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Decentralized finance (DeFi), is considered to be one of 2020’s hottest concepts in the world of blockchain with returns that far exceed coin staking, either locked or flexible, and with new records of ROI expected to reach or even exceed 100%.

This is facilitated through the liquid trading platform of DeFi, where users can freely deposit or borrow stable coins or related currencies to meet the needs of users’ digital asset appreciation and circulation demand.

In the past few months, DeFi liquidity mining has shown a rapid development trend, which is sufficient to prove the broad development prospects of decentralized finance!

From Sushi to YFI, we have seen different types of Defi projects, some successful and others that were repetitions of past projects (pump and dump).

DeFi shouldn’t be viewed as a short-term project; full of hype but short-lived. The goal is to replace the centralized finance system with returns and features that far supersede current expectations.

Introducing the TweeBuck

TweeBuck (TweeB) is a valuable social ecosystem, autonomous and organized finance token. It provides a comprehensive, efficient and fair financial service to manufacturers, merchants, followers, and partners within the ecosystem.

Emanating from the new and exciting earning commerce platform Tweebaa, the TweeBuck vision is to create a better wealth distribution system and financial services that will benefit people at all levels, from high net worth to low income individuals.

Token Distribution

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, TweeBuck is pegged to a total supply of 1billion tokens.

Token distribution will be carried out as follows:

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There is a token lock on the Technical (founding) team with a distribution on a 25% yearly basis to ensure that TweeB remains scarce and no token dump takes place.

When yield farming, a total of 3 TweeBuck will be released on every block mined and also to liquidity providers, making a total of 6 TweeBuck released to these providers on each block.

All operations will be transparent and carried out on the blockchain, giving the public a clear view of how token circulation takes place, with the intention of creating an environment of accountability and trust.

So, what differentiates TweeBuck from existing DeFi? The Tweebaa app already has an active user base exceeding 100,000 and is growing daily. Therefore, the TweeBuck is community-driven with a wider target audience. The ultimate goal is for longevity, with the aim to achieve a self-sustainable market that isn’t dependent on any individual, financial institution or 3rd party.

How is the TweeBuck different from other DeFi platform?

Until now, DeFi has had no real purpose other than to make short term gains. TweeBuck, however, is offering a more inclusive and accessible financial service for people who need financial support to start, grow and expand their business or idea. This will be achieved by directly targeting real users and real-time applications.

Tweebaa, the commerce and social media platform from which TweeBuck emanated, is achieving an impressive number of users and has already become a self-driven community of thousands who are having daily interactions. The intention is to develop this user base to achieve a target of 6 million users, interacting on the platform worldwide, within the next year. This will be achieved via the use of global targeted and structured marketing campaigns.

TweeBuck Business Functions

To create a self-sustaining value for the TweeB token, users have complete control of the liquidity for TweeB pair for which they will receive rewards. The TweeB token will serve as a community self-governance token for various functions on the Tweebaa ecosystem. For example:

  • Provide liquidity for TweeBuck (TweeB) trading pool to obtain rewards
  • Have the right community governance.
  • Have the governance right of various business functions in Tweebaa’s financial ecosystem

Understanding the difference between TWEE, TweeB, and T-Bean

Suggest instead: There is a clear differentiation between the TWEE, TweeB and T-Bean:

  • TWEE, as the underlying public chain token of the Tweebaa ecosystem, allows promoters (manufacturers, merchants, etc.) to issue points (i.e. tokens), realize the circulation of points in the public chain Exchange, and improve users’ experience.
  • TweeBuck (TweeB), provides decentralized financial services for promoters and related partners. The TWEE public chain will be launched in 2021, and TweeBuck (TweeB) will switch from the Erc20 system to the TWEE public chain.
  • T-Bean, is the stable currency for trading and related services on the Tweebaa app, with relatively stable prices, is convenient for trading services.

Each token explained above comes with its own use-case and features, users should be well aware and not get confused about each of them.

Through TweeBuck’s uniquely large and strong ecosystem, DeFi is no longer just a concept thing in the current blockchain industry, but a real business application!

Accordingly, TweeBuck and TWEE will get listed in two exchange next week. Looking forward to the TweeBuck performance!

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