Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day! It’s been one crazy month with crypto and it seems many projects are currently fading out leaving only the best behind.

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Taking a walk back the memory lane, it feels like a repetition of 2017 but not without a price tag. The bull market kicked-off and there was no stopping it then, you could easily throw in $2 on a random coin and come back a week later to see $4 or more. It was truly a good year to be alive. That said, just as we have now, many projects soon died off leaving the best behind. Of those that survived, some grew, and the others remained stable.

Many were born and others died, so in extent, only the remarkable ones were left standing. Speaking of remarkable projects, this brings us back to Tweebaa.

Around 2017–18 many platforms that created an avenue for users to share their thoughts online, or social media on the blockchain as many refer to it, began to spring up. Some did ICO and others simply came into existence. Many left as a scam just within a period of one month with no proper structure and no team backing, it was simply built on words.

It was probably followed by the crypto hype then, i.e. everyone was looking for the next gem, and instead were cut down by a quick exit scheme.

Fast-forward to 2020. Many came up but were not outstanding. They didn’t have the team to back up and users were not informed about this platform until later.

I see Tweebaa as a hidden gem because of the unique aspects it encompasses and the team behind this great project.

Take a look at its CEO Margaret Wang, a remarkable person with an outstanding track record who has made many sizable deals with top individuals ensuring that Tweebaa holds true value and is not just a quick easy money scheme. Clearly it is far more.

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Crypto is simply a means to give back to the community. Many see it as a re-distribution of wealth to not just the rich but also to the lower and middle classes. It’s an avenue that does not differentiate between or separate the masses by saying this product is only for these people or those people. Crypto brings us all together as one big family

Many users have made the claim that money makes more money. Although this often is the case, crypto is actually re-shaping this reality to a place where creativity and skill now bring more money verses a medium where only those with millions in their bank account are allowed to remain rich or get richer.

With a smartphone and access to the Internet, crypto is gradually turning this notion into reality.

Tweebaa has paved the way and is achieving this dream, by having created an avenue where users with no investment capital can actually wake-up and boast having millions by simply performing little to no tasks on a daily basis.

The Tweebaa team was knocked down based on the past few weeks price alert but they refused to stay down and instead have learned from the experience and have already come up with ways to make our time on the Tweebaa platform a remarkable journey. We will be glad to look back to and say “I am thankful I never stopped believing in Tweebaa and their vision”

With its’ ever-growing community and the creation of a new platform on the Blockchain, Tweebaa, like many other platforms, is keeping up with timely and also modern technology which brings us to the creation of TweeB, a DeFi system that will run on the Tweebaa network.

To further understand what DeFi hopes to bring and also what users will actually achieve with the continuous growth of the Tweebaa community, let us take a quick look at what DeFi is.

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To some, the bank and financial system is a place to store wealth, while to others, it is a medium to lend, collect loans, and what have you.

DeFi is the bank on crypto! This might sound funny, i.e how did we get from trading of crypto to a banking and financial system?

DeFi is built using Blockchain technology which offers a smart contract application, a medium that does not require 3rd party interference to make transactions go through. DeFi allows users to provide liquidity on assets and in return gets daily profit and interest from every transaction carried out on that platform. Some platform even go so far as to give out other forms of incentive by creating a separate token which is then rewarded to these liquidity providers, meaning users don’t just get transaction fee payment but they also receive more. When TweeB is introduced it will create a whole new ecosystem and also a mass adoption of the Tweebaa platform.

Let’s take a quick look at the price of ETH some months back and also the price of ETH today.

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Taking the reading from CoinMarketCap ETH had a value of well around $200 early this year and mind you, this is a coin that actually went to $1k+ some years back, after the introduction of Defi into this Blockchain. With different type of platforms making use of its technology, the price soon skyrocket and went as high as $480 before the correction taking the coin back to $350 but not to its’ previous price of $200.

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The point is that Defi might actually bring about the new bull movement and Tweebaa is going into this in the early stage and is paving the way for remarkable journey and future!

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