Understanding the IOST Blockchain (IOST WALLET 101)

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Understanding the IOST Blockchain, one might argue what more to understand, after all the purpose of crypto is to send and receive payment for goods and services 24/7.

Well, since the introduction of smart contracts, the limitations of Blockchain have gone far and beyond, and to put it short, the Blockchain is not just for sending and receiving cryptocurrency anymore but more.

IOST works under the proof of believability which makes it more decentralized than pre-existing blockchain.

Since it’s creation, the IOST Blockchain has undergone several updates which created new ideas for devs and also gave users more reason to dive into this Blockchain.

As opposed to ETH and BTC where an account is created using randomly generated codes, the IOST account creation uses names, keywords spanning from 5–11 letters. With this, you don’t need to have your deposit address written in a paper or a doc word.

Another perk of holding IOST is that, holders of IOST coin are able to vote on nodes which in turn generates passive incomes daily, weekly, monthly. In short, users will continue to receive rewards as long as they decide to lock/stake their IOST coin.

While the use case of IOST Blockchain keeps on increasing, the team behind TokenPocket wallet and the IOST community saw the need to create an article that clearly describes the working principle of IOST from account creation to voting on this network and more.

Some of the noticeable terms are:

  • IOST account and wallet
  • IOST Token and wallet,
  • IOST wallet usage scenario,
  • IOST developer and wallet,
  • IOST wallet classification,
  • IOST wallet knowledge test,
  • IOST wallet FAQ,
  • IOST contact information nine major sections, detailing the current cases of the close integration of IOST wallet and IOST ecosystem.

At the moment of writing this article, this is the most detailed comprehensive write-up regarding the IOST Blockchain, this ebook is free and does not require you to spend a dime before access is granted to you.

Let’s get you started today with From Zero to One/Beginner to IOST wallet https://tp-lab.github.io/BlockchainGuide-IOST-EN/#/

Until some other time, stay safe and mask-on

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