What makes TokenPocket the goto Wallet for the EOS Blockchain

Oteme Eghele
3 min readApr 29, 2020


So recently I have been seeing a lot of questions relating to the EOS blockchain and which wallet offers solution to this?

  • I staked my EOS and unable to unstake, I keep getting error
  • I forgot my password
  • I need a wallet that is able to access this Dapp
  • How to create an EOS account

These are some of the daily questions I do meet here and there and if you have any other, please leave a comment behind and I will be sure to answer it to best of my knowledge. That said, let’s take a look at the solutions or answers to the above.

To do this, we will be needing TokenPocket wallet which can be easily downloaded from https://www.tokenpocket.pro/ and yes TokenPocket supports IOS and Android device respectively.

I staked my EOS and unable to unstake, I keep getting error

Staking as to do with locking up your coins over a brief period of time usually to get a form of incentives, probably share a reward from that coin pool or to perform onchain transactions for case like steem, hive, and others.

EOS supports staking as well, this allows you to perform on chain activities and also generates certain form of incentives as well.

Unstaking as to do with unlocking this frozen coin in other to make them accessible once again and most times it requires you leaving behind some of the coins so that the transaction will be confirmed, while this might not be consider fair. Over the years, different solutions has been provided to this, solutions that allows EOS users to unstake their entire asset at any moment in time and one of such feature is TokenPocket forget CPU and Net feature.

When this feature is activated, the user is able to perform on chain activity like Unstaking of staked coin, sending out tokens and any other function that requires NET and CPU and best part, it cost quite a little.

I forgot my password

When it comes to security, the blockchain offers a good solution and this is achieve using a private key or in most cases mnemonic phrase words.

Storing your crypto asset in an exchange is good but like most banks, it is not yours and your account can be temporarily suspended from withdrawing or depositing and that’s what wallet offers.

TokenPocket is a noncustodial wallet which simply means users have full access to their account at all time and in cases where passwords are misplaced, they can easily import/restore that account to its former.

I need a wallet that is able to access this Dapp

This is definitely one of my best feature currently available on the blockchain, Decentralized application.

The EOS blockchain since it launched, has seen several Dapps been built on its network which offers various types of use case.

TokenPocket offers a direct link between your EOS account and such Dapp, in other words TokenPocket is not just a cryptocurrency wallet but also a Dapp browser.

This can be achieved when you click on discover menu from asset page, feel free to play with the Dapps available and if you ever need help, you can always seek for guidance on TokenPocket telegram or Twitter channel

How to create an EOS account

The EOS blockchain unlike btc and eth, account creation is not free as it requires you having certain amount of resources to make such account active. This can be created with the use of different types of service.

TokenPocket offers more than 2 different process when it comes to account creation on the EOS blockchain which can be easily carried out in a DIY format.

These are some of the issues relating to the EOS blockchain and if you have others, please leave a comment below

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Till some other time, stay safe.