YouSwap on TokenPocket

Oteme Eghele
2 min readApr 14, 2021

It seems the crypto world never sleeps, just when you think you finally caught up with all happenings, something else springs up and also comes with juicy and interesting means of increasing your portfolio value.

The Huobi network is currently undergoing massive development and this is not limited to their exchange service but rather the entire Huobi blockchain (HECO), over the past couple of weeks we have seen several DApps coming up and all using the Huobi network or a cross-chain with others and I must say this sudden development is really good and also increases my believe of Huobi becoming a rival chain to other network in times to come.

While it stands to be one of the cheapest platform to currently run your DApp, it offers minimal amount for completing transactions, faster speed, and also support of a wide range of DApps, with the aim of solving modern day challenges like higher APY when it comes to the financial sector.

YouSwap is a DEX based platform that allow Heco based users to easily swap Heco based tokens with range from HT to Pipi, YOU, and others. It also supports easy bridge of ETH chain to Heco with a one click option.

Like other Dex, YouSwap allow liquidity pool creation and Heco based users can easily add liquidity for their preferred token via the provided option, steps required to do this is quite easy and it doesn’t require a rocket science understanding to get the appropriate steps.

YouSwap is available on TokenPocket and users can easily get started after setting up an Heco based account.

TokenPocket is a noncustodial wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets and also a DApp browser to access multiple DApps across different blockchains, TokenPocket support both IOS and Android devices.

Upon creating or importing an Heco based account, click on the discover menu directly from the asset page.

Search for YouSwap or navigate the new DApp section.

Follow the onscreen instructions to get started with YouSwap and if you have any misunderstanding do leave a comment or two behind after reading